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Bringing a sharpened focus and honed intuition as leaders into a prosperous future


The business environment that our trading company operates in is one of constant evolution. With the emerging economic potential of the BRICs and the expanding influence of the FTA and EPA, the borders of the world market are becoming increasingly transparent. The appreciation of the Japanese yen has led to a priority shift to overseas production by Japanese manufacturers, and catalysts for economic volatility are common in the today's global economy. The unrest in the Middle East, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and the earthquake disaster in Japan, are a few major examples of many events that have contributed to a situation rapidly changing on a daily basis.

It is on this global stage that we continue to execute our business plan, implemented in April of 2011, with targets set for the year 2013. The satisfaction of our customers, and fostering relationships built with a foundation of unwavering trust and confidence continue to be our most important goals. Our company's 90-year history is based on a legacy of both technical and economic expertise to best serve our customers. Since we began, we have cultivated a "pioneer spirit" as a driving force of our firm, offering services and features appropriate to our evolving era. Our aims are, and forever will be, to satisfy business partners like you.

We will continue to be pioneers in the coming years. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), engaging business models, and the exploration of new markets and industrial materials, will remain integral to our plans as we move forward. With a history of 90 years, we also bring with us a honed intuition and sharp focus as we navigate into the future.

The promise of a happy and prosperous future for the children and grandchildren of the world by being a helpful company: Such is the basic principle on which our business is run.

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